NaNaNaNa Juiceman: Meeting the Mentor

Before we begin your regularly scheduled programming, I would like make you aware of a change in the the production of this blog. When we first started our journey together, I was not aware I’d be drawing so heavily from The Hero’s Journey. Now that I’ve seemed to settle into a routine, I am changing the title of this voyage. No longer is it called Rejuvenating Josh. I was something that hearkens to The Hero’s Journey and the man behind it, Joseph Campbell. So, I am proud to introduce the new title: The Juicer’s Journey: My Monomyth to Wellness.

The Juicer’s Journey: My Monomyth to Wellness

In 1949, mythologist Joseph Campbell published his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. The book explores archetypal story patterns and essential creates what we now know as “The Hero’s Journey.” It’s also referred to as a “monomyth” because it is one particular story pattern that is found across hundreds of myths spanning all over the world for generations of storytelling.

My subtitles for each post have been the stages of The Hero’s Journey based on Christopher Vogler’s 2007 screenwriting adaptation of Campbell’s work, which shortens the story beats from seventeen steps to twelve steps.

Hopefully this new title provides a more cohesive narrative and expectation for you, dear reader.

We now bring you into your regularly scheduled programming already in progress. . .

. . . And Obi-Wan said, “Ben Kenobi? I’ve been Kenobi since oh before you were born!”


Like Luke, Bilbo, and Harry Potter, I also had a sage “traveler of worlds who gives [me] training, equipment, or advice that will help on [my ]journey.”

Joe Cross because famous world-wide with the release of his 2010 documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” The film documents his 60-day juice fast as well as the juice fasts of a couple other people he’d inspired along the way. Joe, who originates from Australia, spend the first thirty days in New York, getting out of his comfort zone. Then he traveled across the US during the second thirty days to evoke a charge of wellness to the minds of Americans. In 2014, he released a sequel documentary with followups to all those involved in the first.

As a documentary goes, you can tell this is written and produced by Joe Cross and his amazing advertising team. It’s not some raw, third-party filmmaker looking for the “truth” in an otherwise known set of events. Although, it does show some skin diseases, the purpose is to focus on the transformation to sell Joe Cross’s wellness plan. The documentary mentions that Joe Cross was an investor/entrepreneur. So, it only made sense, I think, for him to invest in himself, and clearly profit financially as well as mentally and physically. I don’t find a problem with it. But it’s important to see it what it is. And hey, if it works and it helps people, then “Go Capitalism!”

So, some might say, “Jeez Josh, he really suckered you in.” But I don’t think it’s that obtuse. He had a product he was selling and believed in, the documentary gives us plenty of credibility in his motives just by seeing his transformation. So, I “bought the product” so to speak, but persuasion is everywhere. All we ever do is ask “how does it benefit me?” I’ve just chosen, based on his compelling documentary, to focus on the health benefits rather than the pleasure benefits, in hopes that they will also begin to merge together.

After the Meeting the Mentor phase, the hero ventures out of the Ordinary World and enters the Special World. Today actually marks my 7th day in the world of juicing. I have three days left, at which I will decide what path to go down next. It’s almost like the 10 days will be crossing the threshold, but now I’m getting ahead of myself on the Hero’s Journey.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to tune in next time. Same Juice-Journey, Same Juice-Blog







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