Back to the Basics: The Approach

The calm before the storm. The motivational speech. The approach to the innermost cave.

Today we’re moving to the next part of The Hero’s Journey, The Approach. Our post will be short, sweet, and to the point, just like the nature of this step. This is the part where the hero and his or her allies arrives at the most dangerous place, the threshold to the final battle. They aren’t going in for the attack. There’s not much action. The hero, or someone in the party,  explains to the group, and to the audience, what is about to go down. In sports movies, this is the locker room talk at half-time. In disaster movies, this is the realization of what they’ll have to do to get out of their dire situation.

In the movie our featured image alludes to, Back to the Future, Marty explains to his father their plan at the dance to get Marty’s mother to fall in love with his father. We also get one last philosophy lesson from Doc about the risks of knowing too much of the future, even though Marty desperately wants to tell Doc about his future demise as they prepare to send Marty back to the future. The Approach is not a long step, but it is necessary to set up expectations for the third act of the story.

Lately, I’ve been waffling around this healthy stuff, unsure of where to go next. Recently, it has become clear that I need to take a familiar direction with this step. Rather than come up with lofty or less-tangible goals. I have decided to end my journey where it began, with a juice fast. But this time, I will crank it up a notch…or thirty. That’s right. A 30-day juice fast.

Starting today, the 23rd day of this journey, I am committing to thirty days of juice, in spite of my wife’s birthday on the 30th of October, which includes the tradition of supper at her favorite restaurant, Space Aliens, and a order of a pizza and fries or double-bacon-cheeseburgers and fries for myself.

Some new tests will present themselves to me, I’m sure, but with you as my allies, dear readers, I’m sure thirty days will feel like ten again.

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